EuroPulp Week 2023 – Barcelona

Since its inception, Europulp has built up a procedure for the collection of monthly port stock figures right across Europe. These allow suppliers and customers alike to get a snapshot of total physical inventory on the last day of each month for each country.  It has been decided not to enter into further details (e.g. HW/SW and sold/unsold split), for simplicity’s and confidentiality’s sake.

Together with Utipulp, Europulp organizes an annual event in Barcelona consisting of a seminar and a dinner. It has turned into a major event for the pulp and paper industry and is attracting more and more players, both on the producers/sellers side and on the buyers/users side.

Trade generally faces increasingly demanding edicts from the Commission in Brussels as to how business is carried out. Europulp aims to help individual member associations digest and then meet these demands and at the same time try to homogenize the conditions of representation.

Europulp has a programme to try and harmonize the nomenclature of the various pulp grades as much as possible. It will be consulting not only the individual members but, through them, their principals and mother companies as well.

Europulp acts as a forum for discussion of and response to common problems that arise from time to time. It is not Europulp’s intention to step on the toes of the various national and international producer organizations but, on the contrary, it wants to create good relationships and help them formulate an adequate response to those market demands peculiar to the European market.